At the heart of Bond Telegram Company is a close family who have always appreciated fine quality products and genuine services. In 2008, the arrival of a special wedding anniversary in this family sparked a search that would ultimately result in the development of a completely new product and way of thinking about documenting life's most special occasions for those we care so much about.

What we were looking for was a gift that displayed our heartfelt words, not in a throw-away greeting card or fast-paced email format, but a more elegant and permanent way. We wanted something created from fine quality elements to reflect the importance of the occasion, something that would instantly tell whoever looked at it, who it was to, who it was from, what it was for and most importantly how special the bond was between the sender and the recipient at that moment in time, a gift that could not be sent for just any occasion, to any person or bought for oneself. Its purpose had to be completely unique.

Our focus at this time led us to the adaptation of the telegram of yesteryear. A format already established as one that delivers significant messages and one that many still hold in fond regard because of its revolutionary status in the world of communication. The name 'Bond Telegram Company' was now founded and we began creating our first 'Bonds' making sure that every detail was of the finest quality and served a purpose in the products heritage.

We adopted a cotton-fibre paper that resists fading and added a silk weave embossing for a more luxurious look and feel. We looked at various presentation formats, deciding that English-made solid wood or high quality solid or plated Sheffield silver frames were preferable for a stunning display. Conservation, acid free mounts were used and bespoke cases of walnut were developed. Authentication stamps and serial numbers meant that anyone who commissioned or received one of these 'Bonds' could instantly see that this was a special gift, one that someone took care to commission, to create and to record.

Finally, we wanted that little something extra special to truly reflect the importance of the occasion and so the addition of precious metal headers fulfilled that desire and added that 'eye-catching' touch we were looking for. After all we wanted each piece to be a statement.

Several years after those initial developments, after HRH Queen Elizabeth I received serial number 1 for her Diamond Jubilee and Prince William and Kate had the second commissioned for them for their wedding, we now have a softer look and a more refined product. Not simply a means of sending a single personal message in a fine quality display format now, but a new gifting concept for life's milestone occasions. We see commissioning a set of limited edition Bonds as a truly unique and elegant way of bonding together those that an occasion is most important for. A permanent reminder of how special that time was.

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